Canna CANNOVA is developed by Takii Seed, a world leading breeder of high quality vegetable and flower seeds driven by a deep care to create excellent, high value varieties.

From Breeder to Consumer 

The Canna F1-Hybrids CANNOVA series was bred from the species Canna x generalis. Traditional plant breeding methods were applied to develop the CANNOVA series with the aim of producing varieties that could be used not only in subtropical and tropical climates where cannas originally evolved, but also in cooler summer climates. 
Seed for the CANNOVA series is being produced at various locations. After harvesting, the seed receives a special scarification treatment for better and more uniform germination. Specialised nurseries use these scarified seeds to produce young plants which are then sold to professional growers. The growers then cultivate pre-finished and/or flowering plants which find their way to consumers through wholesale and retail channels.

Why Cannova

for Growers
Can be grown at a lower temperature ( 5°C )

Saves on energy consumption

High degree of uniformity 

Plants of each colour in the series flower simultaneously which result into a high percentage of saleable plants

Early flowering

10 Days earlier than other seed-grown cannas

Compact habit

More plants per m2

Good branching habit

Attractively fills a pot: just 1 plug needed for a pot up to 15 cm

Good leaf quality

Little if any leaf damage: higher percentage of A1 quality

Can also flower in smaller pot sizes

Lower cost price makes them suitable for retailers to use as special offers

Sales is supported by (online) marketing

Sales tools available and year-round product marketing 


An attractive and broad offer of bright colours

Compact habit
Good leaf quality
Produces flowers in smaller pot sizes
Long keeping quality

Several selling options: bedding (garden, water side) 

and pot (patio, balcony)

Sales is supported by (online) marketing

Sales tools available and year-round product marketing 


An attractive and broad offer of bright colours

for Wholesale & Retail
Early flowering

Earliest flowering canna available on the market

Good branching habit

Attractively filled pots, good flowering display during selling phase

More plants on a CC trolley for savings on transport costs

Plants and leaves look healthy and attractive

Availability of flowering plants in small pots (12 cm) too, instead of just foliage plants (pre-finished)

Limited chance of returns and complaints

Innovative Laser Treatment

Supplying our customers with the highest quality seed is a primary objective at Takii. We were not satisfied with the results we were achieving with an acid treatment used to improve germination on our CANNOVA seed.

We were vigorously investigating other options and as a result invented a process using a laser. This original technology uses the precision of a laser to make two holes on the hard surface of the seed. These holes allow the seed to absorb water more easily, leading to improved germination rates.

Awarded Variety

The Canna CANNOVA Bronze Scarlet F1 variety has been awarded the FleuroStar Award 2014/2015. According to the jury, “Cannova Bronze Scarlet F1 is a true eyecatcher with its stunning flower-leaf contrast and high novelty value for both southern and northern markets.”

From Seed to Sales

Throughout the process we team up with the best producers, growers and suppliers in the business in order to deliver excellent varieties that meet our high standards.

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