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CANNOVA® Bronze Scarlet winner of the FleuroStar Award 2014-2015!




About FleuroStar
The FleuroStar Contest is held annually during the FlowerTrials week in June in the Netherlands and Germany. An independent panel of more than 30 expert judges visit the nine contest locations to choose the winner with the ‘wow' effect at point of sale.


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Canna x generalis – CANNOVA® F1

A real breakthrough in cannas was introduced to the market this year under the apt name of CANNOVA®. This is the first Canna F1-Hybrid from seed.


The breeding of plants for the CANNOVA® series has been going on for more than 10 years in the Netherlands. Following extensive trials, a fair number of saleable plants in red, pink and yellow became available for sale in May 2013. The actual launch of CANNOVA® took place during the FlowerTrials®.


Hereunder the introduction film.




The plants in the CANNOVA® series are the earliest flowering cannas on the market and will become available every year starting in late April. CANNOVA® plants display healthy growth and a good branching habit which result in beautifully filled pots and a healthy-looking final product.
What also makes CANNOVA® cannas unique is that in addition to being grown in larger pot sizes and containers, they can also be raised to their fully mature flowering stage in a pot as small as 12 cm. This means not only more plants per m² of production and selling surface but also more efficient loading during the transport phase. CANNOVA® plants are to transport and hold up very well during the retail phase.

A new logo, various POS materials, and a special website ( that were developed especially to promote the CANNOVA® series as a unique product are targeting wholesalers/retailers, growers and consumers.


CANNOVA® cannas also easily distinguish themselves from all other cannas on the market at the consumer level. Their robust growth and more extensive branching ensure lavish flowering throughout the summer until the first frost. Another unique feature is that this originally tropical plant also performs beautifully in gardens with a cooler summer climate such as the climate in the Netherlands and in the United Kingdom. CANNOVA® cannas can be used in various ways: as a border plant, patio plant and even by the waterside.


CANNOVA® in a nutshell: botanical, colourful, exotic, unique and robust